The power of platform consolidation 

As the world’s largest hotel company with over 9,000 properties in more than 80 countries and growing, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts understands the importance of standardised key systems that scale better than most. Dimitris Manikis, director president and managing director EMEA for Wyndham Hotels & Resorts explains more.

At Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, we have undergone significant change over a multi-year project to drive towards a common central reservations system for our hotels. We started this journey with four different CRS platforms, which are now consolidated into Sabre’s SynXis platform. This kind of change doesn’t come without its share of disruption, but we are now able to innovate at a much greater pace because of the investments made in unifying this technology stack.

By standardising on a common set of property management systems across all of our hotels globally, we are able to work with our strategic partners to enable custom integrations with our central reservations, loyalty, billing & guest survey platforms that help to drive franchisee value and guest satisfaction.

Without integration to our guest loyalty platform, Wyndham Rewards, processing member enrolments and point earning post-stay becomes much more difficult and time consuming for our hotels, taking their focus away from ensuring our guests are having the best stay possible.

Improving connectivity

All of our approved property management systems must have a built in TWI or two-way interface with Sabre’s SynXis. This allows them to connect seamlessly to our global central reservation to sell across the globe. This tight integration allows our franchisees to focus on servicing the guests and not worrying about setting up availability, rates and inventory in multiple systems just to put heads in beds.

This connectivity also means that we can have a complete global consolidated view of guest activity without having to enable thousands of interfaces to each hotel. This data powers dashboards, analytics, revenue management, targeted offers and many other critical programs for us and our franchisees.

Being able to offer training, operational and technical support on the tools they use to run their businesses is also a key factor in our success. By servicing our hotels with our own teams as the first line of support, we are able to vastly improve the service and responsiveness received by our franchisees.

Some of the trends we’re seeing in the hospitality industry are the increasing importance of loyalty programmes, the ability to provide personalisation at scale and the increasing importance of efficient check in and check out. In order to deliver on these trends, and whatever the future may bring, consolidation of systems is critical in performing innovation at scale. The ability to roll out a new feature to thousands of hotels in a single release enables our teams to respond quickly to market demands.

Valeries, one of Birch’s two restaurants, will offer guests all-day casual dining.

Centralising technology

A big part of this is getting technology above property. The days of having servers in every hotel are quickly dwindling, in fact, more than 6,000 of our hotels today have no server infrastructure at all. By leveraging Cisco Meraki networks along with Sabre’s SynXis and Oracle’s Opera Cloud property management platform, as well as others, we are able to eliminate the burden and significant cost of securing, patching, upgrading and servicing this equipment at the edge.

This approach to centralising technology also makes us easier to do business with. By reducing the technology costs associated with either new construction or conversions to Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, we allow our hoteliers to focus their spend on things that are important to our guests, rather than purchasing or upgrading their server rooms. We also get the benefit of scale here, as the per hotel cost of developing and hosting a cloud technology platform is much lower when you are talking about thousands of hotels, allowing us to pass that savings on to our franchisees.

Technology at Wyndham is one of our three strategic pillars. We enable the guest experience; we enable the franchisee experience and we allow our team members to collaborate more effectively. Without technology you can’t check into a hotel, you can’t make a reservation, you can’t go on vacation. It just simply doesn’t work. We at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts are incredibly excited to continue delivering the technology that help our franchisees operate their businesses and to make travel accessible for all of our guests.

Birch will host events year-round, designed to offer guests an escape from everyday life.