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Issue 4 ∙ December 2020

Welcome to a new issue of The New Hotelier. You may notice we have undergone a bit of a makeover to make the magazine more accessible and reader friendly; but don’t worry, you will still be able to find high-quality insight and analysis that you have come to expect from us – only in a bright and shiny new format.

With that said, in this issue we delve into another potential redesign – that of the Costa Blanca hotspot Benidorm. A haven for British holidaymakers, the Spanish town has gained a strong reputation as a cheap holiday location – but this is not always a positive thing as unruly tourists have repeatedly made headlines for their behaviour.

The arrival of Covid-19 has left hoteliers in the town at a crossroads. With the future of tourism in the area very uncertain, notable hotel owners in the area are calling for hotels to move more upmarket and away from its ‘cheap resort’ reputation. But, what could a new ‘upmarket’ Benidorm mean for tourism in Southern Spain? We find out.

Plus, we take a look at the ways that hotel kitchen staff are using technology to help reduce food waste and improve day-to-day operations, examine the growing aparthotel trend as hoteliers look to compete with the rise of Airbnb, and ask if hotels are facing a cybersecurity crisis after a number of high profile chains face the costly fallout of data breaches.

All this and more in this new-look edition of The New Hotelier.

Eloise McLennan