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Issue 6 ∙ June 2021

With global vaccination efforts in full force and testing programmes on the rise, it is beginning to look like there may be light at the end of the tunnel for the hospitality sector. These actions are allowing venues to reopen, and with great care taken to reduce the possibility of Covid-19 transmission, begin to invite guests back into the hotel environment.

But, while this may be a very welcome change after a year of stagnation and uncertainty, there are still real challenges facing hoteliers in the coming months. One such challenge is how to fully utilise kitchen facilities while social distancing restrictions are in place.

A potential solution has gained a strong reputation over the past year – ghost kitchens. These are independent, delivery-only food companies that pay to rent a hotel kitchen space in the hours that the primary staff is not using the facilities. This is just one method of boosting income while international travel remains slow, but how exactly does it work? We find out.

Also, we speak to Danilo Mangano from SevenRooms to find out how hoteliers can maximise their food and beverage offerings using technology, explore the challenges of creating and managing a designated quarantine hotel and take a look at the growing popularity of soft-branded hotels.

All this plus insight from key figures in the industry and the latest analysis from GlobalData.

Eloise McLennan