March 2020

Welcome to the first issue of The New Hotelier, a publication dedicated to the biggest trends, innovations and challenges impacting hotels around the world. 

In our debut issue, we examine the concerns and curiosities that have surrounded the use of facial recognition in digital check-ins, find out how hotel chefs have respond to the growing demand for plant-based menu offerings, and explore the Barcelona-inspired design of Kimpton Hotel's first location in Spain.

Also, we take a look at the challenge of maintaining a luxury aesthetic in toiletries as single-use plastic is phased out, reach new heights in modular construction with the record-breaking design of Marriott International's new hotel in Manhattan, and examine the design of Germany's Strandhotel Atlantic & Villa Meeresstrand.

And finally, we find out about the steps that hoteliers are taking to address the issue of human trafficking in hotels.

Eloise McLennan, editor